JetPro Diving Thruster P500-L

Possibility of changing batteries underwater and increasing the range of diving
Sending the motor information and diagnostics to the diver wirelessly
The capability of camera and projector installation on the apparatus
Controlling the speed in three states: power saving, cruise, and emergency mode
The ability of quick release in emergency situations

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“JETPRO” is a new type of Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) that is widely used in the diving industry for different purposes. This device provides needed propulsive force for divers to transport underwater for medium or long distances by attaching at the back of their oxygen tank. With the use of JETPRO underwater, physical activities will be reduced significantly. As a result, not only it can reduce fatigue during and after diving, but also it can increase the efficiency of using an oxygen tank because of the reducing oxygen consumption.


The motor is completely under the supervision of the protection system through the collection of installed controlling devices and sensors, which not only increase the motor lifespan but also it can enhance the performance, efficiency, and operating range.
Controlling motor revolution
Controlling voltage and current consumption
Controlling the temperature of motor coils and magnets by the non-contact infrared sensors

Motor Protection

Ducted Propeller

Simulating with the most advanced fluid mechanic software has led to an exclusive propeller design that has considerable efficiency, in addition to its relatively small dimensions. This propeller is located in an accelerator nozzle that can prevent unintended collision with the peripheral objects, furthermore, it can increase the thrust force up to 35% so that it directly affects the overall efficiency of the system such as consuming power, the discharge time of the batteries, motor and controllers’ temperature and operating range. Also, the lifespan of the propeller and power transfer system will be extended by reducing destructive phenomena like cavitation and paddle-wheel effect.

In order to change batteries under water and increase operating range without getting out of the water, special connectors entitled wet mate connectors have been mounted on the L series of JETPRO thrusters. These types of connectors with gold-coated brass pins and tolerating water pressure up to the depths of 150 meters and temperature of 60 °C, can be used in different conditions.

Wet Mate Connectors

Low weight, resistance to corrosion, and water pressure are the determining factors of implemented material in the body. By implementing aluminum alloy with military standards i.e. 6000 and 7000, T6 heat treatment, hardening shot blast treatment, and applying hard coating through the hard anodizing process, in addition to a significant reduction in the weight, the body has been strengthened to the peripheral tensions because of strike, pressure and saline water.

Body Conditions


• The final depth is equal to 60 meters, which can be increased up to 150 meters upon request
• Cable power supply can be produced and provided for diving near the main headquarters for inspection, search, and long-term maintenance operations.
• All parameters of the specification table are prepared under standard conditions and can be changed depending on the type and conditions of use.




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version 1.1
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